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No Shit: Teaser

In «Screenplays» by brwarner

Download the PDF: No Shit Teaser


The sound of a toilet flushing.



FRED and JOHN are sitting in the sand, staring out into the ocean.

Can you imagine it, all the shit that's out there?

Is that really the ...

Lemons, Only Lemons

A Facebook conversation between me (brwarner2) and a friend.

Alex Mark: >I look around me.
brwarner2: You see only lemons
Alex Mark: >How many lemons?
brwarner2: You count a bunch of lemons, almost lose count and go back to double check. This keeps happening, and every time you get a ...

Creative Writing Exercises

In my creative writing class at school, we were asked to complete a series of quick writing exercises. I've decided to post the results here. I've refined them somewhat from their rough origins.


Pick an object in the room, and write a piece that uses this as ...

Capitalists, Hippies, a Were-Cat, and Murder

The elevation of the one, the everyman, who can rise above others through pure force of will is possibly the most powerful construct society has created. That is what makes it so dangerous. As the individual becomes more and more important, they become larger, greater, more than the world until ...

When Crabs Appear

I could never have anticipated the explosive mess I would soon walk into as I stepped off the bus that morning. The air was crisp, almost too crisp, like that crispy chicken I had eaten the day before at KFC. I used to really like the place but now, now ...

Random Ramblings

My friend was writing an essay about... you know I'm not really sure, but seeing the open word document I decided to "help" him and write some for him. I don't believe he kept any of my work, or even my ideas, in his essay. Sad day :(

People ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 7

A Sinkin' Sign

It was the end of WWIII and the cracker revolution was almost over. Due to a certain incident involving a watch the world was back to normal. Then all of a sudden 7 ate 9, scared off 6 and Joe was off. He was eating crackers but ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 6

A Rice and a Bird

One day there was a dude named Joe. He went to Moe's house and was like,

"Yo, I'm hungry." Moe was all like,

"Look what I gots." Joe followed Moe and he opened a cupboard and Joe said

"Mars Bars!" But then Moe ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 5

A New Fruit, a New Adventure

Joe was at the store and he was going to buy more apples because he didn't have any. When he left the apple robber was waiting and he had many crackers and said,

"What the hell, Oranges!!"

Joe tried to calm him down ...