"Hey John, thanks for taking the time to talk."

"Oh sorry, bad reception. One sec..."

"Can you hear me now?"



"Well it's Rachel."

"It's just-"

"No things are fine. I mean, okay not... not so fine."

"She just - she just wants me to call less."

"Yes: less. Call less. I mean we live three cities apart and see each other like, what... once every two weeks and she wants me to call less."

"I had gotten us into the rhythm of talking every evening and it was wonderful. Now she's starting to complain. It's maybe... an hour and a half commitment each day to someone who's supposed to be important to her. Somebody who cares about her. How can she start saying this stuff?"

"Why? Well I mean she must just not enjoy our talks or something. If she liked talking to me she'd want to talk to me, just like if I like soup I'm going to eat lots of soup."

"... Okay fine - bad example, but you don't get nauseous from too much hearty conversation."

"Well it makes me feel hurt. It makes me feel like she just doesn't care. When you love someone it's... well what's the phrase... it's feeling you want to be with them forever and always. Emphasis on always. I've always felt like however much I see her it isn't enough. Clearly she has a different opinion."

"Of course! When we're together or talking on the phone it's great. She's so - no; we're getting side tracked. The issue is quantity. It's just like I said: together and always. When you love someone you want to talk to them. Not wanting to talk is for people who hate each other."

"No I don't think she hates me."

"Because she doesn't hate me."

"Yes, but- no. Look you're not getting it. Let me just state the bottom line: I can not stand what she is doing; it is making me feel sick inside and that is why I am here talking to you."

"You asked me that already, and I told you why. She must hate-"

"No I didn't ask her, do I really need to?"

"I don't even want to hear the reason because I know it already. I don't want to hear it come from those lips."

"I will not say it again: I know the reason."

"'Why', 'why', 'why', every time with that question. I don't care about why I just want to find a way to fix this."

"It's a problem okay, it needs to be fixed - that's what you do to problems."

"But that's the problem! Talking to her is the problem. I can't use the problem to solve the problem that doesn't make sense."

"Look who's side are you on anyway?"

"Why do you keep answering my questions with more questions?"

"I came to you to feel better John, I've spent the last five hours just sulking in my room with the lights off. Do you think that was fun? Do you care about my feelings or not?"

"How is this your idea of help! There is no her side, I'm the one being hurt. I'm the victim."

"Can we get back on topic please, I'm already fighting with her; I don't want to fight with you too."

"Just let it go, okay. I've got enough problems to worry about without you giving me more."



"Hey! Just shut the fuck up and listen!"


"No, no, no wait!"


"... … John?"

"... … … John... ?"

"... … … … … … …"