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Lemons, Only Lemons

A Facebook conversation between me (brwarner2) and a friend.

Alex Mark: >I look around me.
brwarner2: You see only lemons
Alex Mark: >How many lemons?
brwarner2: You count a bunch of lemons, almost lose count and go back to double check. This keeps happening, and every time you get a ...

Creative Writing Exercises

In my creative writing class at school, we were asked to complete a series of quick writing exercises. I've decided to post the results here. I've refined them somewhat from their rough origins.


Pick an object in the room, and write a piece that uses this as ...

Random Ramblings

My friend was writing an essay about... you know I'm not really sure, but seeing the open word document I decided to "help" him and write some for him. I don't believe he kept any of my work, or even my ideas, in his essay. Sad day :(

People ...