Writing by Brook Warner Jensen

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My New Coat

I remember the day I got my first coat—my first real coat—not some bulky ski wear or puff ball but like a real, adult, grown-up coat. The thing was double-breasted, nice thick lapels, and had big round serious buttons on it that weren't even there to do ...


Don't know what to make of this... but I wrote it and some people seem like it.

The interviews trudged along. Not a single candidate today seemed to have a proposal worthy of funding. A web startup here, an overzealous R&D project there, and some consumer products so ...

Am I In Love?

My boyfriend has said he loves me, and in so doing ruined our entire relationship. Well, in the interest of fairness, perhaps I should say that he told me he loved me, and I ruined our entire relationship.

Matt and I have dated four months and I have never found ...

A Teddy with Dreams

The following story was created by forcing myself to include ideas that people posted in a Facebook thread. These ideas are as follows:

  1. Turtles
  2. A teddy bear that went to Mars
  3. Infinite Wolves
  4. Pirates
  5. A girl who has access to nuclear weapons
  6. Sand worms from Dune
  7. A talking zebra lost ...

Of Pawns and Bees

The following story was created by attempting to combine a bunch of ideas people posted on Facebook (at my request)

  1. Me (Cat Mercer) marrying you (Brook Jensen)
  2. Badgers on a honey heist
  3. The private lives of board game pieces when they come alive at night
  4. Cats vs. Ninjas
  5. Some story ...

On the Line with Reason

"Hey John, thanks for taking the time to talk."

"Oh sorry, bad reception. One sec..."

"Can you hear me now?"



"Well it's Rachel."

"It's just-"

"No things are fine. I mean, okay not... not so fine."

"She just - she just wants me to call less."

"Yes ...

The Story of Jessica Sorin

Before you read this story, let me offer a bit of context. I'm running a Traveller RPG with a couple of my friends, and one of the recurring non-player character's in that game is Jessica Sorin. Jessica has a younger brother, Martin, and both their parents died when ...

When Crabs Appear

I could never have anticipated the explosive mess I would soon walk into as I stepped off the bus that morning. The air was crisp, almost too crisp, like that crispy chicken I had eaten the day before at KFC. I used to really like the place but now, now ...

Dear Sally

Dear Sally,

If only I could just talk to you.

I see your face everywhere. At Zellers, where I got the knife; at Home Depot, where I got the rope; at Shoppers, where I got the pills.

They say you can't describe what love feels like, but I can ...

The Woodchuck

A question I have struggled all my life with. “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

My father was a woodchuck you see. From birth to the day he died in that tragic accident he would tell stories of how great a woodchuck he ...