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Fuck You, Universe

In «Poetry» by brwarner

Fuck you, Universe. Fuck you.
I know you've given me chances,
And I know I haven't taken them.
I know sometimes I've thought instead of acting,
Or acted without thinking.
Hell, I've even made acts on ill thoughts.
But this? This?
This isn't punishment, this ...

Is It Meant to Be?

In «Poetry» by brwarner

If it works out, then it must have been fate.
If it didn't, it wasn't.
But what if it works out, and then it doesn't?
Well then all along it wasn't;
Wasn't meant to work out.

But what about now? What about when it's ...


In «Poetry» by brwarner

Dear Friend.
You gave me life.
You gave me a wife.
You granted my youth praise.
You made hours seem like days.
You gave hindsight to my mistakes.
You gave me time to heal my aches.
And the moments, one-by-one, slipped away...
And the moments, one-by-one, ripped away...
You ...


In «Poetry» by brwarner

It's what everyone understands, but no one does.
Yet fiction, art, poems, and letters try each day.
It is found where you'd never look for it,
And by those who do not wish for it.
It's being scared and excited,
A warmth beside you at night
A ...

The Madman

In «Poetry» by brwarner

He is the madman who sits at the computer.
He calls out his voice and says "fair suiter!
I need here a program to solve this here problem,
It needs to work fast for my friend: the goblin.

He has all this data I need to adjust,
Organize to structures ...