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Joe + Crackers: Episode 7

A Sinkin' Sign

It was the end of WWIII and the cracker revolution was almost over. Due to a certain incident involving a watch the world was back to normal. Then all of a sudden 7 ate 9, scared off 6 and Joe was off. He was eating crackers but ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 6

A Rice and a Bird

One day there was a dude named Joe. He went to Moe's house and was like,

"Yo, I'm hungry." Moe was all like,

"Look what I gots." Joe followed Moe and he opened a cupboard and Joe said

"Mars Bars!" But then Moe ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 5

A New Fruit, a New Adventure

Joe was at the store and he was going to buy more apples because he didn't have any. When he left the apple robber was waiting and he had many crackers and said,

"What the hell, Oranges!!"

Joe tried to calm him down ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 4

A Leech Tale

Leeches are cool, but these particular leeches died before I could interview them. Joe was an excellent source of information but he's in rehab for cocaine which actually turned out to the heroine which was given to him by his apple robber friend who created it ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 3

MSG vs. Salt

Joe was all confused probably because the MSG was giving him chronic diseases. He took some Yugio card off a camper and covered it with salt and called:

"I summon SALT!!"

The salt fought the MSG but it was a tie so they had a game of ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 1.5

How I Lost My Visa

Joe had 10 security guards around him saying:

"Pay the \$1.50. NOW!"

Joe emptied his pockets to look for money but he only pulled out incriminating evidence. Then he found a Visa and was like:

"Do you take Interact?"



"Yes," Joe paid ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 2

The Salt Returns

Joe sat at home depressed, he needed to put the \$1.50 + tax on his visa which he later lost, but that's another story altogether. Joe began to eat his crackers but then he remembered,

"****, I have no salt!"

So he returned to Seneca and was ...

Joe + Crackers: Episode 1

A Salty Snack

Once upon a time there was a dude named Joe. He walked to the store and bought apples. Someone stole the apples and threw crackers at him. He wanted to eat the crackers but he had no salt, so he went to Seneca.

He went to the ...

Joe + Crackers: The Ultimate Series

Long ago I was trapped in a horrible place. Somewhere no mathematician should ever be forced to go...


(Hey, don't blame me - I was there for the Lego robot building program but you had to take two things, so I got shoved in ...