The elevation of the one, the everyman, who can rise above others through pure force of will is possibly the most powerful construct society has created. That is what makes it so dangerous. As the individual becomes more and more important, they become larger, greater, more than the world until society is but an ant-hill to the giant who sees only opportunity. It is a disease, and one we will soon eradicate.

This evening the hippie horde will lay siege to the most powerful capitalists in the world, held up in their fascist mansion. They have guns, but we have the numbers. Once the battle starts, it can have only one inevitable ending...except for one complication.

Yesterday, late at night as I spied on the capitalists, I noticed one strutting through the streets with his nose's height rivaling the mighty skyscrapers he enslaved others to build. As he patrolled, guns in hand, a demon sprung from a trash can and sunk its teeth into his bare neck, almost blood staining the pig's priceless diamond suit. As it fled back into the night, I recognized it as none other than the were-cat.

The capitalist fell to the ground, and lay unconsious for the next five minutes. I should have struck then, and ended his self-inflated life, but my mercy and decency forbade it. Now, at the stroke of midnight on the eve of our victory he shall become a were-cat himself. If this happens before we eliminate the capitalists, our plans shall fall apart. The hippies will be consumed by a cat love so encumbering they will siege no longer. It will probably become their leader. I can not allow this to happen.

I have spent my final savings on the finest suit, from the finest store, and with it bought the finest, sharpest guns. Now I enter the capitalist mansion, wearing their mask, feigning their beliefs, in the hopes that at their weakest moment a bullet will end that would-be cat's life.

I can not fail.

Capitalists, Hippies, a Were-Cat, and Murder is a 4-6 player game of deception and defense. As capitalists, you will defend your mansion from the dreaded hippie hoard assulting the walls outside. Little do you know, one among you is a socialist in disguise. His job: to kill the were-cat before the stroke of midnight. The socialist knows who the were-cat is. The were-cat does not know who the were-cat is.

This game was created by Brook Warner Jensen and Devin Gloyn for a 24-hour paper jam. The themes were murder and love.

Note: This game has only been moderately balanced for 4 players. Balancing for 5+ players is still in progress.


  • A standard deck of cards
  • Six (d6) and ten-sided dice (d10) (the more the better, but theoretically at least one of each)
  • One token for each player
  • Paper
  • Writing utensils


Using the playing cards, construct two decks each with one less card than there are players.

The first deck is the capitalist deck. Put one black card per player into this deck, less one.

The second deck is the socialist deck, place one red card sequentially (starting at Ace) per player, less one.

Example: For four players, the capitalist deck contains 3 black cards, while the socialist deck contains a red Ace, 2, and 3.

Shuffle both decks. Place one card (secretly and at random) from the socialist deck into the capitalist deck. Shuffle this new deck, which is now called the loyalty deck. Discard the other cards from the socialist deck without revealing them.

Each player is randomly and secretly drawn one card from the loyalty deck which no one sees but them. If the card is black: they are a capitalist. If the card is red, they are the socialist. The number on the black card indicates how many players clockwise the were-cat is from you.

Example: I draw the red two. This means the second player to my left is the were-cat and I am the socialist.

Now, each player must roll a six-sided die and record the result. This number is their strength. Note that if you roll less than 3: re-roll (this is for balancing purposes).

Somewhere public, record the socialist bonus. This number starts at zero. Under this record the round counter. This also starts at zero.

Now, by tearing paper, create six equal sided squares to form a 2x3 grid. This is the mansion.

Starting at any tile edge, label this edge 1. Clockwise label each edge sequentially, such that in the end you have labelled the edges 1-10.

Finally, decide which player is first in the turn order. Note that this does not affect the order you make actions, but is simply used to resolve situations were two players die in the same round. Such events are resolved in turn order. Turn order proceeds clockwise from the first player.

The Round

Gameplay consists of playing a series of rounds until an ending condition is met. Rounds are played as follows.

Hippies Attack

The number of players determines the number of hippie attacks. A hippie attack is a d10 roll combined with two d6 rolls.

The d10 indicates which edge of the mansion the hippies are attacking (as labelled in setup). Note that if the corresponding edge is no longer in play (the square was destroyed) re-roll until you get a valid edge.

The two d6 indicate the strength of their attack.

The total attack on a single tile of the mansion is the sum of all attacks on its edges. Calculate this for each square.

Players Move

Each player may move their character to any square on the board at any time during this phase. Only once all players are satisfied with their position does this phase end. No single player gets the "final move."

Defense Checks

Each player rolls a d6 and adds this number to their strength. The result is their defense.

The total defense on each square is the sum of the defense of every player on that square. Calculate this for every square.

Resolve Attacks

For each square, there are three possible outcomes.

  1. Attack > Defense
  2. Defense >= Attack
  3. Attack > 0 and no defending players
  4. No attack

If the hippies attack outweighs a square's defense, every human in that square loses one strength.

If the players defense is greater than or matches the hippies attack, nothing happens.

If no one is defending a square and the square is under attack, the socialist bonus increases by one and the room is removed from play.

Nothing happens on a square with no attacks.

Resolve Deaths

In turn order, check if each player has a strength less than zero. If so, that player has been killed by hippies.

The moment the death of the cat is resolved (as revealed by the socialist): the socialist wins (even if they are dead)

If the death was not the cat, the player keeps their loyalty a secret and is removed from play.

Socialist Strikes

At this point, if still alive, the socialist may choose to strike under three conditions.

  1. The socialist is still alive
  2. The socialist is in the same tile as the cat
  3. The socialist's passive strength is greater than the cat's passive defense

The socialist's passive strength is their current strength plus the socialist bonus. The cat's passive defense is their strength score plus one for every non-socialist, non-cat player in the tile.

If the socialist strikes, the cat dies and the game ends with the socialist winning. He reveals his loyalty to prove what he has done. At this point, hippies inevitably destroy the mansion, overthrowing the fascist capitalists within.

Resolve Midnight

If it is the end of the twelfth round, and the game has not ended: the capitalists win. The killer reveals his loyalty card and the identity of the were-cat. The were-cat then becomes a cat, jumps out a window, and consumes the hippie hoard with cat love. He is soon declared their leader.

Increase Round Counter

If the game is still not over, increase the round counter and start another round.