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My New Coat

I remember the day I got my first coat—my first real coat—not some bulky ski wear or puff ball but like a real, adult, grown-up coat. The thing was double-breasted, nice thick lapels, and had big round serious buttons on it that weren't even there to do ...

No Shit: Teaser

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Download the PDF: No Shit Teaser


The sound of a toilet flushing.



FRED and JOHN are sitting in the sand, staring out into the ocean.

Can you imagine it, all the shit that's out there?

Is that really the ...


Don't know what to make of this... but I wrote it and some people seem like it.

The interviews trudged along. Not a single candidate today seemed to have a proposal worthy of funding. A web startup here, an overzealous R&D project there, and some consumer products so ...

The Man Who Saw Murder

Writing, as they say, is the act of rewriting. Few stories can capture the masses on the first try, and it is only through an endless series of scrutinizing edits and reviews that one can slowly, one letter at a time, direct a story on the path to perfection. These ...

Am I In Love?

My boyfriend has said he loves me, and in so doing ruined our entire relationship. Well, in the interest of fairness, perhaps I should say that he told me he loved me, and I ruined our entire relationship.

Matt and I have dated four months and I have never found ...

The Kangaroo

Journal excerpts from a man trapped in Art Land (see previous post for details)

Day 32,

Haven't eaten for days. The strange duck still appears at regular intervals, still only quacking in iambic pentameter. Has so far been immune to clubbing. In order to evade it, I attempted to ...

The Banana

As mentioned in my last post, this week I would attempt to capture the essence of fruit.


I bet when you look at this picture, you see a tragedy.

You see a man, bald, no expression, no happiness, no joy, no future, trying desperately to enjoy the one thing he ...

The Cat

As promised in my last post I would turn my artistic attentions to felines.


The normal, light, lush orange hair, tainted with thin, dark, black streaks that pepper its otherwise spotless fur coat. You look down at it thinking, "This is a pretty cute cat," but can't help but ...

The Happy Puzzle

Today I will be talking about a very revolutionary piece of art I recently drew. I call it the Happy Puzzle.


It's a symbol of a better tomorrow. The pieces are the next generation, our kids, working together to build the future. Each of them is an instrumental piece ...